Project Friday: Super Bowl!

I’ve decided to make Fridays around here Project Friday. What that means is, every Friday I’ll put up a list of links to different free projects out there on the Web with a common theme. Hopefully you’ll find something you like when you find yourself stuck for an idea.

This week’s theme, of course, is Football! The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and I for one love watching football (even though my Pats didn’t make it *sob* ). And did you know? Boise State’s running back Ian Johnson is an avid crocheter:

Ian Johnson’s main source of income had been from the sales of crocheted beanies he sold to teammates, fans, and fellow students. According to a November 11, 2006 inteview broadcast on ESPN, the cost of each beanies was $15. However, in late 2006, the NCAA later ruled that Johnson could not profit from his growing celebrity status, nor could he donate the proceeds to charity. He had to cease all sales.


So, here we go, a bunch of football related project links, all opening in a new window:


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