Practice, Practice…

I learned that the knit project I’ve been working on with my practice skein is going to roll up no matter what I do, because that’s what a stockinette stitch does. One side is bigger than the other so it just curls in on itself. I probably could have found this out, had I done more research ahead of time, but ah well. That’s what the practice skein is for.

So now I’m making another scarf, this time with some nice soft bulky wool on my super-groovy light-up LED knitting needles. I’m trying my hand at cabling this time, adapting a pattern from a book I got on making socks. Because as Mab as my witness, I will make socks! And a good thing too, because I’ve already got relatives asking me to make them some for Christmas…

I also decided to bow out of WhipLash this time around. Just too much on my plate at the moment.

Here’s a question of the world in general: how come so many creative, crafty type people have such crappy websites? Repetez après moi: form follows function. First have a website that people can find their way around easily. Then make it pretty. I’m not saying I’m any kind of html genius, far from it, but as far as I know nobody’s ever said, “Jeez, what the hell is up with your webpage at X?”

Meh, whatchagonnado.

Someone’s been testing out my patterns! Apparently, I can make a pattern that’s really followable (that’s so not a word) by people who aren’t there in person to watch me do it. Go me!

One last final word:
Click here to sponsor Peaseblossom's Pin Pixies, and help us support Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Spread the word! Click here for the code.

I’ve been a proud Big for almost 2 years now. My “Little”, age 14, is quite creative herself. She makes jewelry with her mom, and she can draw fairly well. I’m wanting to teach her how to crochet, and I will eventually. She tells me a friend her age knits. Kewl. But anyway, there is so much need and this is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year. We only have 7 weeks to meet our goal of $500, so any amount you can contribute helps us reach that goal. Thank you so much!



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3 responses to “Practice, Practice…

  1. preeety

    For all it’s worth, I learned to crochet when I was 6…
    So now for the proposition, and I think you might like it:

    I’m really sorry to intrude on your space like this, but I came to proposition you and everyone who reads your blog. Now, don’t delete me, hear me out.
    I’ve just started a new blog, it’s Oh, what a preeety world, and here is a little something about it:

    I recently had a conversation with a friend on the differences between our countries’ different habits, dates and customs. Which led me to the following idea:

    A blog where all we do is discuss our national treasures, ie, the people in it. What they do, how they live, how they celebrate.

    I know there are a lot of personal blogs out there, telling all about the person’s life, what they eat and all. But I thought it would be nice to have a place for just that, where stories converge.

    Please stop by and comment on this week’s topic. We would really appreciate your view on the subject.

  2. Val

    Hey, great blog! I’m definitely following along, and can I make a request? Can you please, please do something to show us how to use stitch holders? I can’t figure out how to use them, either in knitting OR crocheting!

    It would be much appreciated, oh crafty guru! 🙂

  3. Well, I would, but I never use them myself! I guess it’s time I did some research, lol…

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

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