Project Friday: Romantic and Sexy Stuff

It’s the Friday before Valentine’s day, so this week’s Project Friday features items that are romantic and/or sexy.

  • Lolita legs (knit). From Knitty’s “Sex and the Knitty” issue, sexy stockings to knit.
  • Velvet oblivion (knit). Also from “Sex and the Knitty”, a sexy foofy blindfold.
  • Bikini top and panties (crochet). I can imagine lots of ways to dress these up: using extra-soft fine yarn, choosing colors like red or black, adding bows or lace edging…
  • “Fullish” heart pillow (crochet). A fluffy soft heart-shaped boudoir pillow.
  • Fillet heart afghan (crochet). A lacy heart blanket done in thread crochet.
  • T-shirt underwear (sewing). Adapt a sexy t-shirt into a sexy pair of panties!
  • The Missionary (origami). Now you too can make origami of people gettin’ it on.
  • Curved-Flap Valentine Card (printed paper). A new twist on a homemade card.
  • Valentine Sachet (cross-stitch). “A simple yet attractive Valentine sachet in the Victorian tradition. Fill with your favorite sachet blend to create a very special Valentine for that special someone in your life.”
  • Scented Bath Oil (general crafting/mixed). Sweet, sensual, scented bath oil in a beautiful bottle.
  • “Love” door wreath (general crafting). A cool wreath that spells out “Love”.

This is way more stuff than I would normally add on a Project Friday, but I just couldn’t decide which items to not include. So enjoy, and have a good weekend!


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