More Buddhist knit/chart patterns

I got a dharma wheel, a bodhi leaf, and “Om mani padme hum” in Sanskrit. I hope you like them!




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5 responses to “More Buddhist knit/chart patterns

  1. The newest issue of knit.1 has a pretty good Buddha chart in it (used for a pillow in the magazine). BTW, just found your blog, and it’s nice to see some crochet featured on blogs too! Knitters always get the coolest bloggers. I’ll totally be adding you to my links bar at my blog. 🙂

  2. I bought the very same magazine you mentioned, only to find that in order to get the chart you have to go to their website. So I went to their website and couldn’t find the damn thing anywhere. I don’t anticipate buying further issues of Knit.1.

    Thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. really? ouch! I’ve been pretty happy with knit.1 in the past, but I’ve never tried to navigate their website. I just wish they’d have more beginner’s patterns and more crochet, but what they do have is cute.

    (did a little digging around, and I think I found it: )

  4. Oooh, excellent! Thanks for finding that!

    I’m not surprised that they don’t have a lot in the way of crochet; I mean, they are called “Knit.1” after all. But I agree that they really don’t have much in the way of beginner patterns.

  5. debbie franco

    i like your site

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