OMG cable knitting!

As you probably know, I’m a complete knitting n00b. I think I’ve known how to knit for about two weeks now, and that’s not an exaggeration. My first practice piece was done with a stockinette stich, and it rolled up on me. I’ve mentioned that before.

My second practice piece is shown above. I’m now about twice as far along as the photo, length-wise. The yarn is very soft and it looks cool, but as you can probably see I’m actually having more trouble with evenness with the ribbing between the cables than I am the cables themselves!

The needles are my ultra-groovy LED illuminated knitting needles, size 10.5. I got them so that I can knit while Himself is watching a movie (he prefers a dark “theater”) but mostly I’ll just turn on one and wave it around while making light saber sounds.

When it’s done, I plan to donate it. Up on Congress Streeet there’s a thrift shop run by the Sisters of Mercy. I remember well the satisfaction of paying for something, even if it’s fifty cents; it felt better than just having something handed to me.


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