N00b Monday: Stitch Holders

Welcome once again to n00b Monday. This week I’m just about as much a n00b as the person who asked the question, so here we go, the n00b leading the n00b.

(OK I admit it, it’s just fun to type the word.)

Val asked about stitch holders: basically, what the hell do you do with them? I’m new to knitting, so I personally have never used one for knitting yet, and I’ve never learned about them for crocheting so I’ve never used them for crocheting either!

So I sent my crack team of experts (namely, Google) on the case.

A knitting stitch holder varies in appearance from a sort of giant safety pin to a type of plastic needle with caps on either end. All serve the same purpose of keeping stitches held in place while you’re busy working other stitches, such as if you’re shaping a neckline or making socks.

When it comes to crochet, I had a much harder time finding anything in the way of stitch holders. Anything I searched for on Google pretty much turned up knitting stitch holders. Crochet is different from knitting in its very nature, you don’t have a dozen or so unfinished stitches that need to be held in place lest they unravel; with crocheting you only have to worry about the one loop on your hook coming loose so a stitch holder seems redundant.

Then there’s stitch markers.

A stitch marker is a small loop that’s placed in between stitches (on your needle or between stitches on your hook) to mark a stitch for later reference. In crocheting this is particularly helpful when making rounds without joining each round (spiral stitching), such as for amigurumi.

Further investigation shows that stitch markers can be as fancy as a wine-glass-charm type setup, or as simple as a piece of contrasting colored yarn tied in place.

So, Val, I hope I was able to help answer your question. Thanks for asking, and I hope more people with more questions continue to ask.



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5 responses to “N00b Monday: Stitch Holders

  1. Val

    Thanks, Peasie! I’m going to have to experiment with this, I think – like you, I’d never used them for crocheting (then again, I’ve never done anything in the round, either!). I think for that, the “safety pin” type would be easiest, as you could take them off the stitches easily.

    Again, thanks!

  2. Really, never?

    I might have an idea for next week… 😉

  3. I use hair pins (hair grips or bobby pins – not sure what they’re called outside the UK) for stitch markers when I’m crocheting – they’re easy to insert and remove, and they don’t fall off the row. And you can just keep them in your hair when you’re not using them!

  4. Great idea! I’ll have to try that!

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