Project Friday: Aloha!

I live in the Northeast, and we had our first major snowstorm of the season yesterday. So I thought a nice list of links to tropical-themed crafts might be just the thing. I know it’s not as risqué as last week, but, oh well 😉

  • Barefoot Sandals (crochet) – You put your middle toe through the loop, then tie the rest around your ankle.
  • Hibiscus Chart Pattern (beadwork) – page. Colorful pattern of a vivid hibiscus.
  • Beadwork Hula Girl (beadwork) – page. A cute beaded hula girl.
  • Hula Skirt Can Cozy (crochet) – Using crochet cotton thread and elastic, a festive addition to dress up an ordinary soda can.
  • Small Palm Tree (knit) – About the right size for a pin, or an embellishment on a bag.
  • Crocheted Hawaiian Ribbon Lei (crochet) – It looks fuzzy and fun.
  • Summer Hammock (crochet) – Scroll about midway down for the actual pattern.
  • Cocktail Monkey Bag (knit) – from Knitty’s back issues, a beach bag adorned with those little monkeys that come in some tropical drinks.

Have a good weekend, if I don’t talk to you before n00b Monday, and think warm thoughts!


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