So I have this idea…

I had an idea today, inspired by events in the news, but I need some other naughty crafters to help me come up with specifics.

As you may or may not have heard, Alabama’s 11th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously voted to uphold its ban on the sale of vibrators.

In 1998, the Alabama Legislature enacted a law that bans the sale of sex toys, but not their possession. Alabama residents may lawfully purchase sex toys out of state for use in Alabama, or use them if the devices have other recognized medical or therapeutic uses. The Alabama law doesn’t regulate other items, such as condoms or virility drugs. —Associated Press

“Gee, you can sell porn all day long. But you can’t sell a toy,” says Sherrie Williams, owner of Pleasures and More Pleasures. —WAFF News

In Mississippi, the story is similar:

Sad news for sex-positive folk in Mississippi: a federal appeals court has upheld the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by an adult shop challenging that state’s ban on the sale of sex toys. In other words, it remains a crime for responsible adults to sell vibrators to other adults there, but a gun? No prob! —BoingBoing

Hey, Texas? Georgia? South Carolina? I’m looking at you, too.

Anyway. The news got me thinking about how glad I am to be living in a state that has better things to do with its time, for starters, and it got me thinking of a craft project idea, for another.

What if there was some little thing or another that could be knit or crocheted in such a way as to hide or disguise sex toys? I mean, if you don’t want your Mom to accidently stumble on something when she comes over, for example, or you want to travel and don’t think everyone needs to necessarily see what you’re carrying in your purse?

So this is where I need specific ideas. Whatcha got?



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5 responses to “So I have this idea…

  1. preeety

    a vibrator case, with a hidden pocket where you keep said vibrator, that on the outside looks and is a makeup first aid kit, you know, all the essentials: lipstick, mascara, eye liner, and a vibrator…

  2. I’m thinking on the lines of a purse/pouch type thing too. Someone suggested that the hidden pocket be lined with cotton fabric, so you don’t get fibers from the yarn on your toys (which is a good idea, especially if you get itchy from wool…)

  3. preeety

    have to come up with something to mask the volume as well… maybe pocket should be in the bottom, where it can be best hidden… like you make three pockets in the bottom of a really fat bottom volumy bag, and keep the toys in the middle pocket (the actual bottom is fully cushioned, so as to hide any possible marks on the fabric) and the other two pockets are then cushioned as well, so as to both protect the toys from impact and hide any possible signs of it. who knows, maybe they’ll wanna check inside bags next… this way we’re on our way to being in the clear…

  4. One thing I’ve learned by hearing of someone else’s experience: take the batteries out before you travel!

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