Project Friday: Blood Donation Month

February is National Blood Donor Month. So to call attention to the critical need for blood (New England, I know for a fact, is very short on supply), here’s a list of projects and ideas that are somehow Red Cross and/or blood-related.

  • Red Cross Socks (knit) as shown from World War I patterns. Men’s socks are at the top of the page; hospital socks are lower down.
  • “Knit Your Bit” Kit (knit) An article and directions on ordering a WWII-era knitting kit to help support the Red Cross.
  • Vinnie the Vampire (crochet). PDF file. Vinnie vants your blood! Or at least your candy corn.
  • Blood Scarf (knit). At the always entertaining MAKE blog, a scarf made of vynil tubing that *cringe* hooks up to an IV tube. No wonder it’s such a realistic color…(Note: it’s an article and not actual directions. Not for the very easily squeamish.)
  • Vampire Fangs (cooking). A healthy snack made from apple wedges that looks like vampire fangs dipped in a bowl of blood.
  • Vampire (origami) PDF file. A creepy creature of the night made with origami.
  • Mosquito Lamp (miscellaneous/general crafting) Make a funny mosquito-shaped lamp.
  • Mosquito finger puppet (spool knit). Make a larger-than-life bloodsucking critter of your own.
  • Bandages (both knit and crochet). These are used by Global Health Ministries for a wealth of ailments.

So there you are. I have a busy weekend planned, so I’ll probably “see” you all again on N00b Monday (where we’ll be practicing switching colors in crocheting, so get yourself some yarn in your 4 favorite colors).

On a final, off-topic note, there’s a banner in my sidebar widgets to click to help raise money for my favorite cause, Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve been a “Big” for two years now to a wonderful kid (who is quickly becoming a teen! EEEP!) and I can’t say enough how worthwhile a cause this is. I’m heading up a bowling team called Peaseblossom’s Pin Pixies and for the third time in as many years we’re looking for pledges from people. If you can help, great and thank you!


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