Book Review: Get Your Crochet On!

A week or two ago I got the book Get Your Crochet On! Hip Hats & Cool Caps by Afya Ibomu. I like to get instructional books from time to time, because in addition to new projects and ideas it also gives me some ideas as to how to teach complete beginners how to crochet. Well, let me tell you, this book could put me out of a job.

The first several pages contain the basics of crocheting, as many instructional books do, but this book sets itself head and shoulders above most books with its large and very detailed photos and diagrams. You get a couple pages just on hooks alone. The diagrams on different stitches are especially helpful and clear, and yes, there’s a patternese-to-English guide as well.

Once you get past the section on The Basics, you get to the fun part: the Patterns. This book contains patterns for twenty different projects, each with photos and simple directions (plus room for writing in margins, if you’re the sort who counts rounds by making pencil marks). I like the “Superfly” hat particularly; it kinda has that smooth, sophisticated Alicia Keyes-look to it. This book has hats for cold weather, sunny weather, and bad hair days; hats for men, women, and kids; hats that are hip and stylish in a way that (unlike some fashion pattern books) have a timeless quality to them that won’t be out of style by the time you’re done making them. For the price, you’re getting great hat patterns at less than a buck apiece, plus excellent directions.

If you’re new at crocheting and want to make something besides another scarf, get this book. If you’ve got mad skillz and want to make some great gifts, get this book. Long story short: get this book!

wholehook.gifwholehook.gifwholehook.gifwholehook.gifhalfhook.gif out of 5



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