N00b Monday Tuesday: what the hell is that thing?

A friend of mine in Tenessee sent me a bunch of leftover notions, patterns, and the like. Thank you so much, Cele! Along with the goodies she sent was, as she put it, the “World’s largest crochet hook” with a letter asking just what it is and what it could possibly be used for.

Well, Cele, what you got hold of is an afghan hook, by some definitions, also called a Tunisian crochet hook or a cro-hook. It looks like a knitting needle, at one end, and a crochet hook at the other. It’s used for Tunisian crochet, something I’ve not tried before, but from the description it sounds a bit like a cross between knitting and crocheting.

I found some tutorials on Tunisian crochet, and sure enough, it looks like a combination of crocheting and knitting. It looks fascinating, like it creates a really cool texture. Now that I have a hook, maybe I’ll learn how to do it.

Good news, those of you making granny squares for upcoming projects: you get an extra couple weeks. I’ll be away next N00b Monday, visiting relatives, so keep working on those granny squares while I’m gone!


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