Project Friday: When in Rome…

So I found out from Wiki that the 19-23 of March was the ancient Roman festival of Quinquatria, a celebration of Minerva (goddess of crafts and of wisdom). So this week’s Project Friday links will have a Roman theme to them.

  • Roman Stripe Afghan (crochet). A simple yet elegant afghan done with your standard “I” hook.
  • Roman Rib Stitch socks (knit).
  • Roman Stitch Dishcloth, Mug Rug, and Towel/Placemat (knit) Looks simple enough…
  • Make a Bulla (general/miscellaneous). A bulla was a Roman amulet given to children to protect them from harm. Here’s one you can make with kids!
  • Ancient Roman Arts & Crafts (advanced/miscellaneous). Information on how woodworking, glasswork, and more were done “back then”.
  • Roman Stola (basic sewing). A basic long dress worn in ancient Rome.
  • Roman Tunica (sewing). The all-purpose Roman garment for men and women. Directions plus variations.
  • A Roman Toga (sewing) Directions plus a bunch of funny photos.
  • Antique Roman Dishes – Collection (cooking). A wealth of recipes for any course of an authentic Roman feast. Yummyus Maximus!
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