N00b Monday: Putting it together, Part 1

All right, it’s n00b Monday again! And there was much rejoicing.

I’ve threatened promised to do this for a couple weeks now, so it’s time to get off my behind here. This week, we’re going to take all those 24 monochrome granny squares from this post and put them together to make a bag.

Crocheted sqares are joined a few different ways, as shown at this About.com post. This week we’ll be doing your basic whipstitch. When you start stitching, don’t knot your thread. Instead, leave a couple inches to be woven into the work afterwards.

So to put together this project, you’re going to need the following:

  • 24 identical-sized granny squares
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn in matching color to stitch with
  • Scissors

Take 2 granny squares and whipstitch them together, as shown below. Click on each thumbnail for a larger close-up view.

Start at the corner. I’m using a contrasting color yarn just so you can see clearly what I’m doing; I reccommend you use yarn the same color as your grannies.

Leave a couple inches at the end. This will be woven in later.


To make threading the needle easier with shorter ends, what I usually do is stick the needle in where I want to stitch and then thread it.

You’re going to do the same with both ends of the yarn.

Here’s a finished stitched-together pair of squares.

Repeat this step until all your squares are sewn into pairs (yay that rhymes). So you’re going to have 12 stitched-together pairs.


Now, we’re going to take those pairs and stitch some of them together to make different parts of the bag.

Sew 2 pairs together so that they make a larger square of four squares. Repeat this step a second time. These pieces will be the front and back of the bag.

Next, take 5 pairs and turn them horizontally. Stitch them end-to-end to make a long line of 10 squares. This will be the strap portion of the bag.


The white lines in the above diagram are to show where new stitches have been made.

Next, arrange pieces so that bottom piece is in the center, front is above it, back is below it, and sides are at either side of it. See diagram. Stitch pieces together as shown.

diagram3a.gif diagram3b.gif

Again, the white lines are to show where stitches have been made.

Now, stitch the sides to the front and back of the bag. In other words, using the diagram below, stitch edge “A” of the front piece to edge “A” of the side piece, and so on. This will result in a kind of box with no top.


This is the main body of the bag. Now all that’s left to do is to stitch each end of the strap piece to the top edge of each of the side pieces. Make sure the strap isn’t twisted before you stitch!

And that’s it, you’re done! As you can see, it’s not a good bag for little things like keys, or for very heavy things. It’s a good video rental, library book type bag. And you made it yourself! Add another homemade gift idea to the list.


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