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I wantsss it Precioussss!

How in the world could I have been so out of the loop as to not know that Clover (makers of my favorite crochet hooks) makes these?!

The day after tomorrow is my Farmer’s Market debut. Some time between now and then I’ll show off the merchandice.

Lately I’ve been studying up on wind power and making a wind-powered generator. I jokingly told Himself that I’d have a report on it for him by Monday. Fortunately he’s got a conference call most of the day so I have time to finish it, heh.


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Why does Stockinette Stitch Roll?

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the cool things about WordPress is that I can see what people entered into a search to find their way to me. And one such thing entered within the past 24 hours was the very title of this post.

This is a problem I experienced first-hand, so I went and asked at the newbie_knitters (I believe that’s how they spelled it…) community at LiveJournal. I was frustrated that my very first ever practice project was rolling up like a tight scroll and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. So I asked, and mentioned that all I’m doing is a simple stockinette stitch.

The answer came back almost immediately from dozens of individuals, all saying the same thing: stockinette stitch rolls up. That’s just what it does. Why, I’m not certain; likely it’s that the stitches on one side are longer than the others and physics bein’ what they are, well, there you have it. But whatever the specific reason, know this: The sun will rise, the tides will flow, death, taxes, stockinette stitch rolling up.


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I’m Not Dead!

(I feel happeeeee!)

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting here lately and I apologize for that. Between Game Day on Sundays, looking for a new place, the new blog, rounding up donations for the Con in Iraq, and making up stuff for my Farmers’ Market debut on 5/2, I’ve been pretty swamped. But I should have pictures soon of the cool stuff I’ve been making, at least.

Anyway, as you were.

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Hey Crocheters! Can you help?

OK, first, read this post. I’ll wait.

Back now?


What I want to try and do is to make and send a bunch of these dice to the con in question!

I’m also working on a d8 and d20; I can post the patterns if you don’t mind working without photos yet.

Please also see my NEW! gaming blog Roll Damage! for a list of possible suppliers to get bulk dice, books, etc. from to send their way.

As for the patterns:
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My Happy Little Seedlings


A week ago Sunday I started my seeds. I’ve got green beans, snap peas, roma tomatoes, dwarf sunflowers, cucumbers, and (if it will sprout…) spinach.


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Roll Damage!


You may or may not know this, but I am a D&D geek. And for the first time in my life, I’m DMing a campaign. A handful of friends comes over every Sunday afternoon and we have many great imaginary adventures.

Not long ago, I saw a set of stuffed plushie dice available for sale. My thought process went pretty much like a lot of crafters’ do:

  1. I want it!
  2. I can’t afford it/I can’t justify spending that much.
  3. I can make it!

So that’s what I started to do. Pictured here are a four-sided die and a six-sided die (or as we gamers call them, a d4 and a d6). It’s become a kind of running gag on game day to grab a die, lob it at an unsuspecting person in the room, and yell, “Roll damage!”

Here’s how to make them:

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And again I say, EEE!

Oh wow, I just blew right past N00b Monday this week, didn’t I?

Ah, well.

N00b Mondays are going to be intermittent. I can try and make them weekly, but I can promise nothing.

But OMG cool news! There’s a place here in Portland (Maine) that is offering $10/table/day for selling handcrafted items. So I went and inquired and asked about Wednesdays. Wednesdays in the Spring through Fall here in Portland is the farmer’s market in Monument Square. A table there would rake it in hand over fist. Knowing this, they charge double for a table. But, hell! $20 isn’t bad! She then explained that they have only 3 tables available for Market days and that one is already spoken for. They go to first come, first served, and one has neither come nor been served until they pay. So I did some paperwork, took a trip to the ATM, came back, and booked every Wednesday in the month of May from 9AM-3PM!


So, I gotta make stuff. And finish it. Like this month.

And again I say, Eee!

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