And again I say, EEE!

Oh wow, I just blew right past N00b Monday this week, didn’t I?

Ah, well.

N00b Mondays are going to be intermittent. I can try and make them weekly, but I can promise nothing.

But OMG cool news! There’s a place here in Portland (Maine) that is offering $10/table/day for selling handcrafted items. So I went and inquired and asked about Wednesdays. Wednesdays in the Spring through Fall here in Portland is the farmer’s market in Monument Square. A table there would rake it in hand over fist. Knowing this, they charge double for a table. But, hell! $20 isn’t bad! She then explained that they have only 3 tables available for Market days and that one is already spoken for. They go to first come, first served, and one has neither come nor been served until they pay. So I did some paperwork, took a trip to the ATM, came back, and booked every Wednesday in the month of May from 9AM-3PM!


So, I gotta make stuff. And finish it. Like this month.

And again I say, Eee!


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