Why does Stockinette Stitch Roll?

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the cool things about WordPress is that I can see what people entered into a search to find their way to me. And one such thing entered within the past 24 hours was the very title of this post.

This is a problem I experienced first-hand, so I went and asked at the newbie_knitters (I believe that’s how they spelled it…) community at LiveJournal. I was frustrated that my very first ever practice project was rolling up like a tight scroll and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. So I asked, and mentioned that all I’m doing is a simple stockinette stitch.

The answer came back almost immediately from dozens of individuals, all saying the same thing: stockinette stitch rolls up. That’s just what it does. Why, I’m not certain; likely it’s that the stitches on one side are longer than the others and physics bein’ what they are, well, there you have it. But whatever the specific reason, know this: The sun will rise, the tides will flow, death, taxes, stockinette stitch rolling up.



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3 responses to “Why does Stockinette Stitch Roll?

  1. Leigh

    And over 2 years later, people are still finding their way to your blog with the same question 😉

    Thanks for the answer… I’m glad it’s not just my stiching.

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