Yarn Fresh Veggies!

So I’ve finally gotten some pictures of the stuff I’ve made for the Farmer’s Market. I’ve seen patterns out there for carrots and tomatoes but I can assure you I did not use them here; I made up my own.

Here’s some more veggies I made. The photo doesn’t show the eyes of the potatoes very well, but they are indeed riddled with them.

These are shopping bags I’ve been making at an alarming rate. People are really liking them. I have them of all kinds of colors but at the moment only have photos of three.
My friend Jessie here is demonstrating the durability and stretchiness of these bags. This has a six-pack of soda in glass bottles, a jar of mayo, a box of macaroni, 2 cans of beans, and 4 cans of tuna inside.
This was taken just after the groceries were put away. Within a few minutes, it had retracted all the way back to its original size.

I’ve actually taken the plunge! Even though I’ve had an Etsy account since September, I’ve only now actually put anything IN it.

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One response to “Yarn Fresh Veggies!

  1. Those veggies are too cute! Question on the bags, I’m finishing another cotton hobo bag and was thinking about making some mesh bags out of more sugar’n cream that I have lying around. I noticed yours are made out of acrylic. Did you test one in cotton and did it not work as well?

    [I haven’t made a test with cotton, actually; I used the acrylic because it was what I had on hand. So I’d be curious to hear your results. –Peasie]

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