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By Request: Amigurumi Donkey Directions

I got a request the other day from someone who’s looking for directions for a donkey for a crochet nativity set. Well, I try to help out where/when I can, so here we go:
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Jack, the Blue Donkey

This little guy is liberal with cuteness. He found himself stuck inside today, like me, because of the huge snowstorm we’ve gotten (and still are getting!).
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N00b Monday: Stitch Holders

Welcome once again to n00b Monday. This week I’m just about as much a n00b as the person who asked the question, so here we go, the n00b leading the n00b.

(OK I admit it, it’s just fun to type the word.)

Val asked about stitch holders: basically, what the hell do you do with them? I’m new to knitting, so I personally have never used one for knitting yet, and I’ve never learned about them for crocheting so I’ve never used them for crocheting either!

So I sent my crack team of experts (namely, Google) on the case.
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