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New Life for an Old Blanket


About 6 years ago, I got this blanket at an SCA event. It was just after a thunderstorm and it was the only remotely dry thing I had to wrap myself up in (since my blankets had been saturated…long story…). Years later, here it is thumbtacked to the bedroom window in our new house.

Well, I got inspired.


I took the blanket down and folded it in half widthwise, so that the design would be symmetrical and it would still be wide enough and long enough to cover my window. Then I cut it in half, hemmed up the raw edges, and made a simple casing at the top of each.

I saw a fancy curtain rod similar to this one at JoAnn for $30. But today, I saw this one at Family Dollar for $6! (I’ll share my feelings on recent changes at JoAnn sometime soon.) I stood on the end table (don’t worry, it’s a good sturdy one) and used a phillips-head screwdriver to put it up in no time.

The casing was a little snug, but it still fit.


And, ta da! It makes a beautiful set of curtains, don’t you think?



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Yay for much stripe-age.

So, what do you get when you combine a pile of leftover yarn, the Random Stripe Maker, and an I-hook? Well I don’t know what you get, but I got a warm comfy striped blanket for curling up with a good book (in this case, it’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

I plugged in my colors, or at least colors to represent the ones I had (for example, they don’t have an “aspen print variegated” box to tick off), chose 3-6 rows in width, and about 100 or so total rows.

Then I copied the result–once I got one I liked–into Notepad and saved it. Then, using my trusty I-hook and a width roughly equal to the loveseat (five feet, about), I went to town. I worked on it while sitting in the cold mist at the Farmer’s Market. I worked on it while watching Letterman. I worked on it while waiting for Sims 2 to load. And in just a couple days, I was done!

I’m not crazy about ripple afghans, I’ll be honest with you. They’re just not my “thing”. But I love big, bright stripes. So, well, there’s that then.

In other news, I got the pattern from KrochetKrystal and this is the charity square I made to send in. I hope it’s all right; it’s closer to 8.5″ than the requested 8″. It’s a very tricky pattern. It took me some time to get the hang of it. To her credit, Krystal does a pretty good job of explaining complex steps to make sense. Still, they’re complex steps and I had to make more than one attempt before getting it at last. But I’ve got it now! So I’m making something new with the same pattern. You don’t get to see it yet.


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