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Hook Porn!

Check out the amazing hooks this man makes.

I wants one, Precious.


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Yay for much stripe-age.

So, what do you get when you combine a pile of leftover yarn, the Random Stripe Maker, and an I-hook? Well I don’t know what you get, but I got a warm comfy striped blanket for curling up with a good book (in this case, it’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

I plugged in my colors, or at least colors to represent the ones I had (for example, they don’t have an “aspen print variegated” box to tick off), chose 3-6 rows in width, and about 100 or so total rows.

Then I copied the result–once I got one I liked–into Notepad and saved it. Then, using my trusty I-hook and a width roughly equal to the loveseat (five feet, about), I went to town. I worked on it while sitting in the cold mist at the Farmer’s Market. I worked on it while watching Letterman. I worked on it while waiting for Sims 2 to load. And in just a couple days, I was done!

I’m not crazy about ripple afghans, I’ll be honest with you. They’re just not my “thing”. But I love big, bright stripes. So, well, there’s that then.

In other news, I got the pattern from KrochetKrystal and this is the charity square I made to send in. I hope it’s all right; it’s closer to 8.5″ than the requested 8″. It’s a very tricky pattern. It took me some time to get the hang of it. To her credit, Krystal does a pretty good job of explaining complex steps to make sense. Still, they’re complex steps and I had to make more than one attempt before getting it at last. But I’ve got it now! So I’m making something new with the same pattern. You don’t get to see it yet.


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Blogger’s Choice Awards

Nominations and votes are being taken for The Blogger’s Choice Awards! WordPress is holding a narrow lead as Best Blog Host.

I’ve nominated What Not To Crochet for Best Hobby Blog (click link for more info and to vote for it), and Open Mind for Best Education Blog (also click link for more info and to vote for it).

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Yarn Fresh Veggies!

So I’ve finally gotten some pictures of the stuff I’ve made for the Farmer’s Market. I’ve seen patterns out there for carrots and tomatoes but I can assure you I did not use them here; I made up my own.
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I wantsss it Precioussss!

How in the world could I have been so out of the loop as to not know that Clover (makers of my favorite crochet hooks) makes these?!

The day after tomorrow is my Farmer’s Market debut. Some time between now and then I’ll show off the merchandice.

Lately I’ve been studying up on wind power and making a wind-powered generator. I jokingly told Himself that I’d have a report on it for him by Monday. Fortunately he’s got a conference call most of the day so I have time to finish it, heh.

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I’m Not Dead!

(I feel happeeeee!)

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting here lately and I apologize for that. Between Game Day on Sundays, looking for a new place, the new blog, rounding up donations for the Con in Iraq, and making up stuff for my Farmers’ Market debut on 5/2, I’ve been pretty swamped. But I should have pictures soon of the cool stuff I’ve been making, at least.

Anyway, as you were.

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Hey Crocheters! Can you help?

OK, first, read this post. I’ll wait.

Back now?


What I want to try and do is to make and send a bunch of these dice to the con in question!

I’m also working on a d8 and d20; I can post the patterns if you don’t mind working without photos yet.

Please also see my NEW! gaming blog Roll Damage! for a list of possible suppliers to get bulk dice, books, etc. from to send their way.

As for the patterns:
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