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Mmm, Salsa…

Took a while for the smell of hot peppers and cilantro to dissipate from the kitchen, but who’s complaining?

The recipe is unintentionally vague. I just didn’t pay very close attention to numbers.
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Hey Crocheters! Can you help?

OK, first, read this post. I’ll wait.

Back now?


What I want to try and do is to make and send a bunch of these dice to the con in question!

I’m also working on a d8 and d20; I can post the patterns if you don’t mind working without photos yet.

Please also see my NEW! gaming blog Roll Damage! for a list of possible suppliers to get bulk dice, books, etc. from to send their way.

As for the patterns:
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Roll Damage!


You may or may not know this, but I am a D&D geek. And for the first time in my life, I’m DMing a campaign. A handful of friends comes over every Sunday afternoon and we have many great imaginary adventures.

Not long ago, I saw a set of stuffed plushie dice available for sale. My thought process went pretty much like a lot of crafters’ do:

  1. I want it!
  2. I can’t afford it/I can’t justify spending that much.
  3. I can make it!

So that’s what I started to do. Pictured here are a four-sided die and a six-sided die (or as we gamers call them, a d4 and a d6). It’s become a kind of running gag on game day to grab a die, lob it at an unsuspecting person in the room, and yell, “Roll damage!”

Here’s how to make them:

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Project Weekend: We could all use a little less

When I first saw this, it really got me to thinking about stuff that can be made with recycled items. So here’s a list of (slightly behind schedule) links to projects related to recycling.

  • Making Yarn from Plastic Bags. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this. This enables all kinds of possibilities, from bags to rugs to the dress I linked to above.
  • Recycled Paper Envelopes. Fold used calendars or magazine pages into envelopes.
  • Tissue Box Picture Frames. Simple yet beautiful.
  • Photo Business Card Holder. Uses old cassette cases. You still have those, right?
  • Recycled Lightbulbs. How to recycle burnt-out bulbs (or the ones you replace with CFL bulbs 😉 ) into a variety of different decorative crafts.
  • No More AOL CD’s!. Best idea ever. While looking for something to do with all those damn CDs, I stumbled upon this. Yes, it has some creative ideas (I particularly like the dragonfly) but more importantly it gives you an opportunity to get rid of them once and for all!
  • Furoshiki. Wrap gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or whenever in cloth instead of paper. This page shows you how.
  • WhipLash’s Contest for Feb.: Recycled Crafts Month. Check out the finalists’ entries for a bunch of ideas.

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N00b Monday: Putting it together, Part 1

All right, it’s n00b Monday again! And there was much rejoicing.

I’ve threatened promised to do this for a couple weeks now, so it’s time to get off my behind here. This week, we’re going to take all those 24 monochrome granny squares from this post and put them together to make a bag.

Crocheted sqares are joined a few different ways, as shown at this post. This week we’ll be doing your basic whipstitch. When you start stitching, don’t knot your thread. Instead, leave a couple inches to be woven into the work afterwards.

So to put together this project, you’re going to need the following:

  • 24 identical-sized granny squares
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn in matching color to stitch with
  • Scissors

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Project Friday: When in Rome…

So I found out from Wiki that the 19-23 of March was the ancient Roman festival of Quinquatria, a celebration of Minerva (goddess of crafts and of wisdom). So this week’s Project Friday links will have a Roman theme to them.

  • Roman Stripe Afghan (crochet). A simple yet elegant afghan done with your standard “I” hook.
  • Roman Rib Stitch socks (knit).
  • Roman Stitch Dishcloth, Mug Rug, and Towel/Placemat (knit) Looks simple enough…
  • Make a Bulla (general/miscellaneous). A bulla was a Roman amulet given to children to protect them from harm. Here’s one you can make with kids!
  • Ancient Roman Arts & Crafts (advanced/miscellaneous). Information on how woodworking, glasswork, and more were done “back then”.
  • Roman Stola (basic sewing). A basic long dress worn in ancient Rome.
  • Roman Tunica (sewing). The all-purpose Roman garment for men and women. Directions plus variations.
  • A Roman Toga (sewing) Directions plus a bunch of funny photos.
  • Antique Roman Dishes – Collection (cooking). A wealth of recipes for any course of an authentic Roman feast. Yummyus Maximus!
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    By Request: Amigurumi Donkey Directions

    I got a request the other day from someone who’s looking for directions for a donkey for a crochet nativity set. Well, I try to help out where/when I can, so here we go:
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