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Hook Porn!

Check out the amazing hooks this man makes.

I wants one, Precious.


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Blogger’s Choice Awards

Nominations and votes are being taken for The Blogger’s Choice Awards! WordPress is holding a narrow lead as Best Blog Host.

I’ve nominated What Not To Crochet for Best Hobby Blog (click link for more info and to vote for it), and Open Mind for Best Education Blog (also click link for more info and to vote for it).

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Project Weekend: We could all use a little less

When I first saw this, it really got me to thinking about stuff that can be made with recycled items. So here’s a list of (slightly behind schedule) links to projects related to recycling.

  • Making Yarn from Plastic Bags. I’ve always wanted to know how to do this. This enables all kinds of possibilities, from bags to rugs to the dress I linked to above.
  • Recycled Paper Envelopes. Fold used calendars or magazine pages into envelopes.
  • Tissue Box Picture Frames. Simple yet beautiful.
  • Photo Business Card Holder. Uses old cassette cases. You still have those, right?
  • Recycled Lightbulbs. How to recycle burnt-out bulbs (or the ones you replace with CFL bulbs 😉 ) into a variety of different decorative crafts.
  • No More AOL CD’s!. Best idea ever. While looking for something to do with all those damn CDs, I stumbled upon this. Yes, it has some creative ideas (I particularly like the dragonfly) but more importantly it gives you an opportunity to get rid of them once and for all!
  • Furoshiki. Wrap gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or whenever in cloth instead of paper. This page shows you how.
  • WhipLash’s Contest for Feb.: Recycled Crafts Month. Check out the finalists’ entries for a bunch of ideas.

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Project Friday: When in Rome…

So I found out from Wiki that the 19-23 of March was the ancient Roman festival of Quinquatria, a celebration of Minerva (goddess of crafts and of wisdom). So this week’s Project Friday links will have a Roman theme to them.

  • Roman Stripe Afghan (crochet). A simple yet elegant afghan done with your standard “I” hook.
  • Roman Rib Stitch socks (knit).
  • Roman Stitch Dishcloth, Mug Rug, and Towel/Placemat (knit) Looks simple enough…
  • Make a Bulla (general/miscellaneous). A bulla was a Roman amulet given to children to protect them from harm. Here’s one you can make with kids!
  • Ancient Roman Arts & Crafts (advanced/miscellaneous). Information on how woodworking, glasswork, and more were done “back then”.
  • Roman Stola (basic sewing). A basic long dress worn in ancient Rome.
  • Roman Tunica (sewing). The all-purpose Roman garment for men and women. Directions plus variations.
  • A Roman Toga (sewing) Directions plus a bunch of funny photos.
  • Antique Roman Dishes – Collection (cooking). A wealth of recipes for any course of an authentic Roman feast. Yummyus Maximus!
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    N00b Monday Tuesday: what the hell is that thing?

    A friend of mine in Tenessee sent me a bunch of leftover notions, patterns, and the like. Thank you so much, Cele! Along with the goodies she sent was, as she put it, the “World’s largest crochet hook” with a letter asking just what it is and what it could possibly be used for.

    Well, Cele, what you got hold of is an afghan hook, by some definitions, also called a Tunisian crochet hook or a cro-hook. It looks like a knitting needle, at one end, and a crochet hook at the other. It’s used for Tunisian crochet, something I’ve not tried before, but from the description it sounds a bit like a cross between knitting and crocheting.

    I found some tutorials on Tunisian crochet, and sure enough, it looks like a combination of crocheting and knitting. It looks fascinating, like it creates a really cool texture. Now that I have a hook, maybe I’ll learn how to do it.

    Good news, those of you making granny squares for upcoming projects: you get an extra couple weeks. I’ll be away next N00b Monday, visiting relatives, so keep working on those granny squares while I’m gone!

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    Project Friday: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

    I thought that in honor of the month of March, I’d make this week’s list of project links about lions and lambs.

    • Crochet lamb. A cuddly stuffed toy lamb.
    • Lil Lamb Steelwool Holder (crochet) – using a recycled margarine tub and yarn, a cute lamb that could be used to hold lotsa cool stuff.
    • Lion Crafts for Kids (mixed/general crafting) Lots of cool lion-themed crafts to make with kids.
    • Polymer Clay Lion (polymer clay). He’s so cute!
    • Gryffindor Lion Charted PatternPDF file. Charted pattern of a medieval rampant lion that could be used for filet crochet, knit, embroidery, beadwork, or anything else that uses charted patterns.
    • Lion Scarf Project – (knit) Stitch and Bitch London are attempting to knit four 45-foot (13.5m) scarves for those chilly lions in London’s Trafalgar Square in honour and support of those who fight Cancer and in memory of those who have sadly been lost. That is nearly 200-foot of scarf and a whole lot of yarn!

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    Project Friday: Blood Donation Month

    February is National Blood Donor Month. So to call attention to the critical need for blood (New England, I know for a fact, is very short on supply), here’s a list of projects and ideas that are somehow Red Cross and/or blood-related.

    • Red Cross Socks (knit) as shown from World War I patterns. Men’s socks are at the top of the page; hospital socks are lower down.
    • “Knit Your Bit” Kit (knit) An article and directions on ordering a WWII-era knitting kit to help support the Red Cross.
    • Vinnie the Vampire (crochet). PDF file. Vinnie vants your blood! Or at least your candy corn.
    • Blood Scarf (knit). At the always entertaining MAKE blog, a scarf made of vynil tubing that *cringe* hooks up to an IV tube. No wonder it’s such a realistic color…(Note: it’s an article and not actual directions. Not for the very easily squeamish.)
    • Vampire Fangs (cooking). A healthy snack made from apple wedges that looks like vampire fangs dipped in a bowl of blood.
    • Vampire (origami) PDF file. A creepy creature of the night made with origami.
    • Mosquito Lamp (miscellaneous/general crafting) Make a funny mosquito-shaped lamp.
    • Mosquito finger puppet (spool knit). Make a larger-than-life bloodsucking critter of your own.
    • Bandages (both knit and crochet). These are used by Global Health Ministries for a wealth of ailments.

    So there you are. I have a busy weekend planned, so I’ll probably “see” you all again on N00b Monday (where we’ll be practicing switching colors in crocheting, so get yourself some yarn in your 4 favorite colors).

    On a final, off-topic note, there’s a banner in my sidebar widgets to click to help raise money for my favorite cause, Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve been a “Big” for two years now to a wonderful kid (who is quickly becoming a teen! EEEP!) and I can’t say enough how worthwhile a cause this is. I’m heading up a bowling team called Peaseblossom’s Pin Pixies and for the third time in as many years we’re looking for pledges from people. If you can help, great and thank you!

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