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N00b Monday: Patchwork for Beginners

I’m pleased to announce the return of n00b Monday here at Stuff Peasie Made. Now that I’m all settled into a place at which I fully intend to stay a long time, things have gotten a lot less crazy and there’ll be time for me to do such things. Keep an eye out for Project Friday’s return as well!
Today I’ll be showing you a quick and easy (well, quicker and easier) way to sew patchwork fabric out of leftover scraps. This is also a wonderful way to use up all those leftover bobbins and spools of thread you had no idea when you were going to use.
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N00b Monday: Putting it together, Part 1

All right, it’s n00b Monday again! And there was much rejoicing.

I’ve threatened promised to do this for a couple weeks now, so it’s time to get off my behind here. This week, we’re going to take all those 24 monochrome granny squares from this post and put them together to make a bag.

Crocheted sqares are joined a few different ways, as shown at this post. This week we’ll be doing your basic whipstitch. When you start stitching, don’t knot your thread. Instead, leave a couple inches to be woven into the work afterwards.

So to put together this project, you’re going to need the following:

  • 24 identical-sized granny squares
  • Yarn needle
  • Yarn in matching color to stitch with
  • Scissors

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N00b Monday Tuesday: what the hell is that thing?

A friend of mine in Tenessee sent me a bunch of leftover notions, patterns, and the like. Thank you so much, Cele! Along with the goodies she sent was, as she put it, the “World’s largest crochet hook” with a letter asking just what it is and what it could possibly be used for.

Well, Cele, what you got hold of is an afghan hook, by some definitions, also called a Tunisian crochet hook or a cro-hook. It looks like a knitting needle, at one end, and a crochet hook at the other. It’s used for Tunisian crochet, something I’ve not tried before, but from the description it sounds a bit like a cross between knitting and crocheting.

I found some tutorials on Tunisian crochet, and sure enough, it looks like a combination of crocheting and knitting. It looks fascinating, like it creates a really cool texture. Now that I have a hook, maybe I’ll learn how to do it.

Good news, those of you making granny squares for upcoming projects: you get an extra couple weeks. I’ll be away next N00b Monday, visiting relatives, so keep working on those granny squares while I’m gone!

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N00b Monday: Switching Colors

Last week, we learned how to do in-the-round crocheting and practiced by making a monochrome granny square. This week, we’ll be using the same granny square pattern, but we’ll be switching the colors to make a four-color square.

When switching colors, the color you’re changing to is used in the very last step of a stitch. For example, if you’re making a double crochet stitch with white and are about to change to black, you use the white to make most of your stitch, until the very last part where you would put the last yarn-over on the hook to pull through the last two loops. For that last yarn-over, loop the black over your hook and pull it through the last two white loops.

Have the following with you:

  • Worsted weight yarn, in 4 different colors (we’ll be calling them colors A, B, C, and D.)
  • Crochet hook
  • scissors
  • large yarn needle

You should already know:

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N00b Monday: In the Round

My apologies for the late post. I’d rather give you a full post late than a half-assed post on time.

This week, because a few people have expressed a curiosity in it, we’re going to learn how to crochet “in the round” with that Universal Crocheted Staple: the Granny Square.

Have the following with you:

  • A crochet hook
  • Worsted weight yarn
  • scissors

To make this item, you’ll need to know:

*What we in the States call a dc and what my friends in the UK call a dc are two different stitches. This is the US definition, because it’s what I know.
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N00b Monday, now with 100% more Tuesday…

N00b Monday is going to be postponed at least until tomorrow, due to laziness on the part of the blogger unforseen circumstances.

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N00b Monday: Stitch Holders

Welcome once again to n00b Monday. This week I’m just about as much a n00b as the person who asked the question, so here we go, the n00b leading the n00b.

(OK I admit it, it’s just fun to type the word.)

Val asked about stitch holders: basically, what the hell do you do with them? I’m new to knitting, so I personally have never used one for knitting yet, and I’ve never learned about them for crocheting so I’ve never used them for crocheting either!

So I sent my crack team of experts (namely, Google) on the case.
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