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The Attic Door Creaks Open…

…and dust and cobwebs scatter.

Hi! It’s me! I haven’t been here literally for years and almost even forgot this blog existed.

I’m opening up a new shop/blog, The Maine Skein. Yes, I say it’s me there, I’m confirming it by saying it here too. Bit by bit I’m going to move/reprint my articles that I have here, as well as adding new ones. N00b Monday will become Newbie Tuesday, and Project Friday will probably still be called just that. Anyway, I hope you join me over there.

Thank you for reading and enjoying even after all these years!



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One of the cool things about WordPress, I’ve mentioned, is that I can see what people entered into a search engine when they found me.

Yesterday, there were two different occasions of “what stuff is made of” entered into a search, lol. Your Google-fu is yet young as the small sapling, grasshoppah. “Stuff” is a word that carries a meaning that spreads as vast as the great oceans. Perhaps be more specific as to what kind of “stuff” you’re curious about.

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