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The Attic Door Creaks Open…

…and dust and cobwebs scatter.

Hi! It’s me! I haven’t been here literally for years and almost even forgot this blog existed.

I’m opening up a new shop/blog, The Maine Skein. Yes, I say it’s me there, I’m confirming it by saying it here too. Bit by bit I’m going to move/reprint my articles that I have here, as well as adding new ones. N00b Monday will become Newbie Tuesday, and Project Friday will probably still be called just that. Anyway, I hope you join me over there.

Thank you for reading and enjoying even after all these years!



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Blogger’s Choice Awards

Nominations and votes are being taken for The Blogger’s Choice Awards! WordPress is holding a narrow lead as Best Blog Host.

I’ve nominated What Not To Crochet for Best Hobby Blog (click link for more info and to vote for it), and Open Mind for Best Education Blog (also click link for more info and to vote for it).

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Change(s) in Plans

First off, I decided that the Maggie chart pattern from my previous entry is no longer going to be a blanket, but a bag. I forgot how much easier it is to switch colors doing singles when the stitches are all going in one direction (ie in rounds).

Also, I’m going up to meet said new niece for the first time this weekend. I plan on coming home Monday sometime, so this coming week’s N00b Monday post will be bumped to the week after. That’ll give you n00bs a whole extra week to make all those granny squares (24 monochrome first, then 12 multicolor) for upcoming projects.

One of the awesome things about WordPress is that it enables me to see what words people enter a search for and stumble onto my blog. A lot of it is stuff that I do indeed have (funny that) including “simple single crochet scarf” and “pirate’s alphabet”. Others is stuff that I’ll have soon, such as “what to do with granny squares”. Sometimes it’s stuff that I don’t really have a lot of information on (yet), including “amigurumi”. It’s great because it gives me a glimpse at what people are wanting to learn about. My ever-inquisitive (and thus very helpful!) friend Val asked me recently how to do what I’m working on now, which is crocheting from a chart pattern and switching colors. I probably won’t do a n00b Monday post on it, because I consider it slightly more advanced than n00b-level, so maybe sometime soon I’ll do a “Slightly More Advanced Saturday” or something, heh.

Anyway, I’m traveling on Friday but I’ll try and get a Project Friday list in before heading out (yay for saving drafts for later!) and I’ll be back late Monday.

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